Ofereixo classes de conversaciò en anglés, català i castellà en persona i per Skype.  Ofrezco clases de conversación  en inglés, catalan y español en persona o por Skype.  I offer conversation classes in English, Catalan and Spanish in person or through Skype.

My background is in anthropology and U.S. Ethnics.  I lived in the U.S. for 18 years.  Therefore, I have experienced culture shock and many emotions and life situations that students go through when they try to learn a language and settle in a different country.  In my classes we seek joy and learn conversation.  I am an encourager by nature, a cheerleader with a positive approach to any undertaking.  My willingness to work with others, my visual and conceptual talents as an artist, yoga teacher, anthropologist, writer and my sense of adventure and fun creates a productive language class through projects, both individual and team work and by challenging my students to embrace and enjoy learning the language and the culture.

Language conversation (English / català / castellà) and help in walking through culture shock and adjusting into the new culture. Ofereixo acompanyament durant les etapes d’adaptaciò i integraciò a la nova cultura.  Group and individual sessions.  Hores convingudes. 15 euros