Tea Time – Learn English & Yoga. Classes for Kids, Youth and Adults

I am an English as a Second language Instructor.  I teach English conversation and yoga in English for kids, youth and adults.  I personalized classes based on your priorities.  I lived in the U.S. for 18 years and can give you an inside of how things are across the ocean.  My background is in Anthropology and U.S. Ethnics.  I know everything about culture shock and can help you through the stages, emotions, and life situations that you go through when you try to learn a language and settle in a different country.  Discover with me fun ways to learn to speak English and accept your limitations.  My “hands-on” willingness to work with others, my visual and conceptual talents as an artist, yoga teacher, anthropologist, writer, and my sense of adventure and fun creates a productive ESL classroom through projects, both individual and team work and by challenging my students to embrace and enjoy learning English.  I also help English speakers with Spanish and Catalan conversation.

Tea Time
Classe apta per tots els nivells de hatha-ioga i de conversació d’anglès. Al principi de la classe es fa una conversació d’anglès de 20 minuts seguida de 25 minuts de hatha-ioga, també en anglès. Després del shavasana, els darrers 15 minuts es dedicaran a conversa i Tea Time.